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He did a small stint in Erie this season where he pitched The year-old righty will probably get more opportunities next year and can heavily benefit from the fall league. Pinto is a year-old righty who also saw some time in double-A. In Erie, he pitched His numbers indicate that he could have a bright future with the organization, but a bigger sample size is definitely necessary. His performance in the fall league could go a long way in determining where he ends up next year. Szkutnik is a lefty who just turned He has not had the greatest minor league career up to this point, but he still has a chance to make it to the bigs if he can get things together while he is still in his prime.

He had a 4.

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Azocar was a top prospect at one point, but never quite lived up to expectations. He is only 23, however, and still has a chance to be a great talent. He is eligible to be a minor league free agent, so the organization will have to make a choice whether to resign him or not, and his performance in the fall league could help them make this decision. He needs all the experience and practice he can get if he wants to move up.

These seven players will all be looking to improve and try to make it to the majors at some point in their careers, and the Arizona Fall League will be an exciting way for them to develop. Rows: Columns:. Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. Characters Abraham Ford. Teams Zombies. Story Arcs.

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He asks if she'll come to Maggie and Glenn 's wedding, and she says that she didn't get invited. Billy confesses that he didn't either, but that everybody just expects everybody to be there. Billy says that Maggie would like to have her there, because there was a time that Patricia was like a mom or at least an older sister to Maggie. Patricia is still reluctant and asks when it's taking place.

At the wedding in the cafeteria, Hershel is giving a wedding speech, acting as a priest because he is the most spiritual person there, to Glenn and Maggie. They both do want to live together for the rest of their lives and they both state their vows.

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Hershel allows Glenn to kiss his bride. Later on, in their cell, Glenn says that they had a nice ceremony. Maggie states that they are really married and Glenn and Maggie stare at each other lustily for a few seconds. Maggie jumps on Glenn, and the two have sex.

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At Tyreese 's cell, Michonne shows up. Tyreese wakes up and asks what Michonne is doing in here.

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She starts to cry and Tyreese holds her. The next day, the group is having a basketball match. Patricia is encouraging the girl team and Carol tells Lori that she had found some T-shirts. Andrea is also working on some clothes for winter. Carl asks why Rick doesn't play but then remembers his missing hand and apologizes.

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Rick isn't offended and doesn't want Carl to be upset. Later, in stock where all riot suits and guns are kept, Rick, Tyreese, and Dale are talking about the weapons they have. Rick wants to check if their pistols will take the ammo the prison pistols have. Tyreese thinks that taking inventory on their guns is a waste of generator gas, but Rick responds that the kids are watching something, so it isn't going to waste. Suddenly, Dale notes that they don't have enough weapons to defend themselves from the Woodbury survivors. He also says that they haven't even prepared for the attack.

None of them have any idea of what to do but then Dale suggests sending out a search party for the National Guard Station and loot the place dry. Dale wants to come, but Andrea says that he should watch after Ben and Billy. Glenn and Maggie are wearing riot suits. Tyreese asks if Michonne really wants to go and she replies saying that somebody's got to keep an eye on him. Axel checks that they are all prepared and they leave. Later, Rick says that he should have left with them and feels guilty about it.

Lori wants him to get to bed and Rick asks what's wrong.