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So this is really a final reckoning with herself. Listen to the statements from Blind Spot exported to Downfall as bookends for the whole ten day narrative.

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In the first, she characterizes her decision to work for Hitler. I feel that I should be angry with her, that I must have been a childish, bad creature--or that I cannot forgive her because she did not immediately recognize the horror of this monster. I had merely been content that I had no personal guilt and had never had any estimate of the scale.

But one day I passed a memorial for Sophie Scholl on Franz-Joseph Street and there I saw that she had the same birth year as myself and that she had been executed in the same year that I came to work for Hitler. These are the sorts of judgments that some people rehearse silently to themselves, if at all. It is rare to witness such a scrutinizing self consciousness, particularly in someone who has sat close to center of destructive power. Did she have more reason to suspect the Holocaust than she concedes?

The war in the empty air : victims, perpetrators, and postwar Germans

She had, after all, attained the age of eighteen by the time of Kristallnacht Night of Broken Glass? Or had they married in order to have a relationship that shut out the more dreadful world around them? She has, of course, publicly condemned herself for a willful blindness—despite the fact that she has never been accused of any crime. The scholar Dagmar Barnouw, a child survivor of the Dresden fire-bombing, suggests that Germans have been stereotyped and that we ought to perceive innocence, victimage, and guilt in relative terms 9.

Such thinking would accord with obvious facts. For example, historian Robert G.

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And the surviving Soviet soldiers who broke through the German offensive against their nation eventually went on to terrorize millions of people on their path to Berlin In her profound unhappiness with herself, Junge perhaps challenges all viewers to recognize the blind spots in their citizenship that permit them not to know, even to will not knowing the terrible things done in their collective name.

If that is the effect, it would be a rare achievement for a documentary film. Her life may be less shameful than she found it, not least because of her participation in this cinematic coda. Would it be controversial to suggest that she is a kind of hero that we should emulate? And When? Color, 90 mins. Sign In or Create an Account. Sign In. Advanced Search.

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Issue Section:. You do not currently have access to this article. Bonnie L. Danielle Rice, 68, a renowned museum administrator and educator.

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Kathryn A. Noonan, 81, innovator in senior programs whose career was cut short by an accident. James W. Moore, 92, a Jesuit priest and former associate dean at St.