Guide The Values of Bureaucracy

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Start with a value, say trust. Think about what would happen, if you have to much trust: Blind Trust. Then think about what the opposite of blind trust could be, or what you can do about it: Practice more caution and guidance.

But be careful — to much of that is also not an helpful leadership behaviour: You will end at paranoid suspicion and distrust. In that way you could construct pairs of leadership-values and use them for reflection on your leadership-practices in variuous way.

The Values of Bureaucracy

Sounds a little bit complicated — but leadership is often complicated. Reflection helps, we think. It definitely does! We love this practice and have seen it before in other organizations. How about you writing a blog together with us on this practice? Would you like to work with us on that? Everyone can do the math and realize that this way of working is broken and highly unproductive. Replace rules by a set of values A powerful way to bust bureaucracy is to replace the proliferation of rules with a clear set of values.

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Godfrey , Stephen Farrall , David J. The value of this is in improving the performance of part or all of the organization, putting its performance beyond that of the competition. In our experience, there is a direct correlation between design, performance, customer experience and staff satisfaction.

This should be at the heart of what you decide your future operating model to be.

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After gaining clarity on your competitive advantage, you should develop a clear operating model. Using this as the stabilizing factor, the key planks of organization design should include:. For example, what kind of processes, workflow, value streams and information flow does your operating model require? What mechanism will help you do this? What will help motivate your people? A bureaucracy is an organization consisting of various departments and divisions, administered by several people. Historically, a bureaucracy was a government administration managed by departments, staffed with non-elected officials.

These characteristics are not always negative if there are deliberate and appropriate design criteria to fulfill the organization's purpose.

Bureaucratic Management Theory of Max Weber

If, however, these characteristics are the results of either poor design or the absence of strategic questioning while the organization is evolving, the organization needs a redesign. The symptoms of poor design are too many layers of management, stifling innovation, breeding bad inertia and undermining empowerment of the employee.