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These include the Fredholm Alternative for linear systems and the multidimensional Implicit Function Theorem.

Elements of Applied Bifurcation Theory

Using these very limited tools, a framewo:k of notions, results, and methods is gradually built that allows one to read and possibly write scientific papers on bifurcations of nonlinear dynamical systems. Among other things, progress in the sciences means that mathematical results and methods that once were new become standard and routinely used by the research and development community. Hopefully, this edition of the book will contribute to this process. The book's structure has been kept intact. Most of the changes introduced reflect recent theoretical and software developments in which the author was involved.


This book is about nonlinear dynamical systems and their bifurcations under parameter variation. It aims to provide a reader with a solid basis in dynamical systems theory, as well as explicit procedures for application of general mathematical results to particular problems. Special attention is given to efficient numerical implementations of the developed techniques.

Loyal customer offer in stores: Delivery: With fast shipping: saturday Providing a solid basis in dynamical systems theory, and explicit procedures for application, this is a must-have for students of advanced mathematics. Elements of Applied Bifurcation Theory. Author Yuri A.

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